Book review: 2# Laskar Pelangi Written by Andrea Hirata.

'Laskar Pelangi', variousli translated as 'Rainbow Warriors' or 'Rainbow Troops'
It is written by Andrea Hirata.
This novel has been traslated in many languanges in 20 countries
This thick book contains a very interesting story and it is a true story about the journey of the writer and his friends in pursuit their dream
This story is about ten children who want to attend school. They came from a poor family in Pulau Belitong Indonesia.

They struggle with poverty and develop hopes for future. They were finally able to go to school in SD Muhammadiyah to achive their dream.
SD Muhammadiyah is the oldest SD in Pulau Belitong

Replica of SD Muhammadiyah.
This Replica made for the  film adapted from same titled novel.
(One fine day I wanna be there)

The main character of this story is Lintang. He is a very intelligent and brave. Every day he cycled as far as 80 Kilometer to school. This super brave boy is really good in math.

Actually each of them have their own character. And the combination of them all form a beautiful friendship. 

That is why their teacher called them "LASKAR PELANGI" ..

(Combination from the different colours makes the rainbow seems to be very beautiful)

Laskar Pelangi Film is the highest grossing in Indonesia box office history and won of local and international awards.

Laskar pelangi..
Takkan terikat waktu..
Bebaskan mimpi mu di angkasa..
Warnai bintang di jiwa...


Tetamu Istimewa said...

Dah baca novel ni, sangat hebat.

Anonymous said...

This story gives me inspiration.. there is nothing impossible in life..

Hadi Pramoko said...
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Andy Feisal said...

Nice post.. I like it



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