Assalamualaikum Dunia!

I've been blogging since 2011,
And i love this my blog so much as.

I considered this blog as my sincere words. 

I like writing!!
I am actually writing to myself.
I don't write to meet the expectation of the others.
That's why i prefer blog than the other social media.

Blog is not private. 
In blog, i don't know who is my reader and i am not eager to know.
But, one thing for sure.
"I am" my reader. 

I am a dreamer!
I am a lover!
I am a human!

Aku yang penuh dengan impian-impian murni, juga pencinta setia pada tiap-tiap hal yang aku ingin cintai. Tetapi, sebagai manusia, tidak semuanya ada pada aku baik belaka.
 I am a human with flaws and wrongs. 

Haryanie Yusraa




Haryanie Yusraa

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