BOOK REVIEW: 4# TOUCHING HEAVEN by Leanne Hadley (Part 1)

 A real story  written by Leanne Hadley, a minister to children and families at First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1. Death

"Funeral for me were not sad or distressing but times to think about God, heaven, and life after death, and i had no fear, no doubt, and no worries"

"I realized death was not simply a happy time of celebration. I was in bed and woke up because the phone in hall ringing. My mother answered it, and all i remember  is her scream, which scared me... we drove the rest of the night back home to Kentucky, and when we got to Granny and Pa's house, no one greeted us at the car as they always had in the past. We went up the tall stairs to their front porch, and i was still about five steps from the top when i realized that death was complex, sad, and not quite the joyful experience i had though it to be"

Leanne Hadley, 9 years old.

2. Faith-filled doubt

"I went to the college, and for the first time i met people who did not share my faith-filled background. I took a class called God and Society, thinking it would be a bible study. Instead, it was a class where we study and read the writings of famous atheist who challenged the idea that God did exist. The main reason of doubting the existence of God were that "Death was cruel and unfair and that children died before they had the chance to grown up."

"For the first time in my life, i doubted. I did not leave God behind, stop praying, or stop going to church, but deep inside me was a little piece of doubt"

"... by last verse, everyone was singing at the top of their lungs-except me. I was crying. That kernel of doubt was lodged in my soul, and i could not sing those words. I no longer believed them with my whole heart... It was not huge doubt, but it was there, and it made me sick, lonely, ashamed and uncertain. "

Leanne Hadley.

I believe some of us face the situation above. 
Its either we share it, or we keep it. 
Its either we face it, or we ignore it.

I am not making a statement.

There is no wrong to think and find your way. 
You just need to be dare to figure it out. 
I believe. 


Semoga Allah tunjuk jalan. 




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