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Hello2 Hai there..
Its been awhile since my last post.

I just realize that i rarely talk or wrote about my course. Well, i am a law student in one of the best private university in Malaysia. Being a law student is not easy, but i'm not saying that the other course is easy though. It has its own difficulty for sure.

As the new intake has come and the enrollment date to the university is around the corner for the new comer.
For you! Law Student!

So here lemma share some tips to get ready!!

1. Come to orientation (Do not escape ya)

Well.. orientation is one of the mainstream part for a new comer. I am not really sure about the public university. But as for private uni, the orientation is more simple. Don't worry as there will be no bully same sort. The important part of the orientation is to know the technical part of your pathway.  How many years you have to complete. What/how many subject. How many credit hour? so on so  fort.

2. Prepare a lot of pen, highlight and note book

Studying law is all about reading and reading and reading!!! This is the truth. If you are not a reading person, study law might not suit you.  Some of the lecturer may give you a note. But basically, that note will be very simplified version. There will only be a general rule and principle case. The further information will be delivered by your lecturer by talking. Basically, you have to jot down all the talking done by your lecturer. This is where your writing skill is needed. (after finishing your first year, i am pretty sure your handwriting will become more bad and bad lol)

3. Prepare one thick file for each of subject

This is soooo important, as there will be a lot or hard copy of case report and journal. So do not mess up and arrange it well by putting it into a file.

4. Buy a printer!

Printer is the must for law student as you have so many material to print. Having your own printer will be more convenience and  saving. Do not shock because one report case may thick as a book. lol. As i said earlier, there will be a lot of reading. Reading on laptop might not work, as you have to highlight as much.. Ya lorrr everthing pun important. And the report is to looong.


Hahaha.. This is what i wanna say most. Studying law is not easy but its not sooo hard also. Try to love the teacher first then you will find it easy to study. I dont know why. Its working well on me. Maybe because if you have a good rapport with the lecture, she/he will give you more attention. She/he will help you cope well. And mabye also because of redha cikgu??

Bye! Love you all
Good Luck
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